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Wishlist Member Experts website was created by Motti and Danit Ben-David, who are also the co-founders of


Motti and Danit are full-time internet marketers who have been working in the past 7 years in SEO, PPC  and membership sites fields.

Today Motti and Danit specialize in membership sites and are giving membership sites’ consultation services to membership sites owners in Israel and in all over the world.

Why Did We Create Wishlist Member Experts?

Wishlist Member Experts website was created in order to give Wishlist Member users one place where they can get all the information regarding Wishlist Member they can’t get anywhere else.

After working with Wishlist Member and being part of the Wishlist Insider community for so long, we came across many questions and problems regarding membership sites in general and Wishlist Member in particular.

Along the way, our team and us have developed solutions and plugins for problems we have encountered with, but since we saw that many of the information is not out there on the Internet, we decided to gather it all in one place, to allow other members to get the solutions.

We gathered the information into guides, every guide focuses on a different topic regrading membership sites.

The guides are complete and basically don’t leave out any information about the subject, and though the guides are being sold as individual posts, you can rest assure that all the information you need is inside.

Meet Wishlist Member Experts Writes

Jen Morgan

Jen Morgan
Jen is an online marketing expert and a true WordPress expert. She loves the internet world and has worked in several digital-media companies. When she is not working, she loves to play with her cat Jimmy and her dog Nica. Jen is part of the website, where she writes about membership sites and Wishlist Member.
Bob Tolbert
Bob Tolbert
Bob is a developer specializing in membership sites plugins and Wishlist Member dedicated plugins in particular. He lives and breaths coding, and when he is not coding you can find him at the gym. Bob is part of website developers, and few of the most successful plugins he has developed so far are: Wishlist Registration Widget, Wishlist Error Page Booster and Wishlist Pay Per Post Shortcodes.

Scott Williams

Scott Williams
Scott is a PHP coding expert and also a Wishlist Member user who is familiar with Wishlist’s API. Scott is building custom plugins for clients and when he has some free time he enjoys swimming and taking long runs. If you ask him what is the first word that comes to his mind when he hears the word “Code”, he will answer: “Poetry”. Scott is part of website.

Why Should You Pay for The Guides?

checkYou pay only for the specific topics you are interested in

checkAll the information is written from our own personal experience

checkSome of the guides offer solutions that don’t exist anywhere else

Our Products

wishlist_registration_widgetWishlist Registration Widget

Wishlist Registration Widget allows you to add a registration form inside your membership site’s sidebar and attract much more members to register to your site. The form has unique features you won’t find anywhere else.

wishlist-error-page-boosterWishlist Error Page Booster

Wishlist Error Page Booster will allow you to create dynamic and targeted error pages based on the protected content your visitors tried to access, and will increase your revenues tremendously. It literally creates a unique sales letter for every non-member. We like to call it “error page on steroids!” 😉

wishlist-autoprotectWishlist Auto Protect

Wishlist Auto Protect allows you to automatically protect your content after a specific period of time. For example: You want give your members a bonus, but you only want it to be available for 5 days and then to move it to a protected level, Wishlist Auto Protect will do it automatically for you, instead of manually.

Wishlist Pay Per Post ShortcodesWishlist Pay-Per-Post Shortcodes

Wishlist Pay-Per-Post Shortcodes allows you to create the perfect flow for your pay-per-post membership site. We developed this plugin since we discovered that Wishlist’s pay-per-post is missing some very important features. This is definitely a must have plugin if you plan on using Wishlist to build a pay-per-post membership site.

Wishlist Auto RegistrationWishlist Auto Registration

Wishlist Auto Registration allows you to automate the registration process to your Wishlist Member membership site. Not only will your registration process be much faster and easier, but you also won’t need to deal with duplicate users and incomplete registrations.

Wishlist Protection Display

Wishlist Content Protection Display adds a Protection Level column to your posts’ list, so you can easily manage your posts and know which post is protected by which levels. This little peace of information is very crucial for managing your membership site’s content quickly and easily.

Wishlist-Protected-Content-Widget-CoverWishlist Protected Content Widget

Wishlist Protected Content Widget will displays a widget on your sidebar with posts from a higher level. When a member clicks on a post, he will only be able to get a “sneak peek” at the content as you define on Wishlist Member plugin. In order to get full access, a button will transfer them to upgrading their membership.

wishlist-quick-access-coverWishlist Quick Access

Instead of wasting valuable time on learning were every function in Wishlist Member plugin is, with Wishlist Quick Access you will be able to navigate easily to any feature in just seconds! If you are new to Wishlist Member then Wishlist Quick Access will help you adjust to Wishlist faster and help you build your membership site faster.



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