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In this category you will find premium step by step guides on how to setup your membership site from the beginning, have your membership site up and running in only days and save tremendous amount of time!

How to Set Up a Membership Site – Step by Step Guide


A membership site is one of the most common ways of making a steady stream of income online.

You can build a membership site about practically any niche you choose, and that’s why most people who make their first steps in this field are not stuck in the “finding a niche” part, but in the technical part.

That is exactly why I’ve written the How to Set Up a Membership Site – Step by Step Guide. 

I’ve put a lot of thought into the content it contains, to make sure it will give the complete picture of how a membership site should look like on the one hand, but won’t include too much information that will cause information overload.

The guide will give you all the basic information you need to know in order to set up your membership site, launch it and start generating income.

Table of Contents

Topics Covered In The Guide

In this guide you will learn how to set up your membership site step by step and it includes:

  • The Most Common Membership Sites Models – Discover the most popular membership sites’ models and choose the ones that is right for your niche.
  • Free Membership vs. Paid Membership – Why you must also have a Free membership and how can it increase the registrations to your Paid membership and make you much more money.
  • Free Content vs. Paid Content – The Million $ question… How to know which content you should give away for free and which content you should sell for money?
  • Building Your Membership Site – A complete Checklist of all the steps you need to go through in order to build and launch your membership site.
  • Wishlist Member Settings – How to set-up your membership site easily using Wishlist Member plugin.

Why Should You Buy The Guide?

If you are making your first steps in creating your membership site, but you are not really sure where to start, you have information overload or you are stuck in the technical part, then this guide is especially for you.

I was also once new to this field, so I can definitely relate to how you are feeling right now.

I believe that time is money, some of the information can be found online for free, however, instead of searching for all the information in different websites, you get all of it in one place so you will stop postponing things and start setting-up your membership site right away.

This guide will give you all the basic information you need to know in order to build your membership site, launch it and start to earn money.

You can always improve your membership site on the go, but with the basic information you get in the guide, the sky is the limit.

How Can You Get the Guide?

The guide will be available for you right after the payment.

Purchase the guide individually through the button below or as part of a bundle and save up to $40 through our online store –

How to Set Up a Membership Site – Step by Step Guide


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