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In this category you will find premium guides on how to build and structure the core most important pages inside your membership and save valuable time in setting up your membership site.

Building Your Membership Site’s Core Pages and Elements – Complete Guide

Building Your Membership Site’s Core Pages and Elements – Complete Guide

Building your first membership site can be quite overwhelming:

You need to make sure you build the right flow, setup your protected pages properly, add all the necessary information for your members and make give it the look and feel of a professional membership site.

We created this guide especially for membership site’s owners who want to build their membership site fast but still do it the right way.

This guide includes important information about all the core pages your membership site must include.

Table of Contents

What You Get In The Guide?

  • What are the most important pages your membership site must include
  • What information you must include inside your protected pages
  • 3 Members’ Dashboard layout examples you can use
  • How to turn your error page to a converting sales letter
  • How to structure your membership site’s sales letter
  • Important links to include in your membership site
  • And more… 

Why We Created This Guide?

We actually came up with the idea to create this guide by mistake…

We just started noticing that some of our clients, who are registered to some of our services, copied the structure of our own membership sites pages and used it on their own membership sites.

So it came to our mind to create a complete guide that includes all the must have pages for every membership site.

If our clients are using our structure, there has to be others who are struggling to structure their sites.

How Can You Get the Guide?

The guide will be available for you right after the payment.

Purchase the guide individually through the button below or as part of a bundle and save up to $40 through our online store –

Building Your Membership Site's Core Pages and Elements Complete Guidebuy-now-flashing-trans-200

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