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Choosing an Affiliate Program for Your Wishlist Member Membership Site

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How Affiliates Choose Products to Promote

If you decided to have an affiliate program, you should keep in mind 3 important factors that would influence on affiliates’ decision whether or not to promote your product/ service (not necessarily in this order):

  • Commission percentage
  • Payment methods
  • Payment provider

Commission Percentage

It is very common to give affiliates high commissions and this is one of the things they are likely to want to know. Many vendors give between 40-50% commission, while some even offer 75% and even organize special competitions between affiliates to encourage them even more.

Payment Methods

Besides the commission percentage, your potential affiliates would want to make sure they will receive their commissions in a fast and easy way. The most convenient way is to use PayPal, since your affiliates will be able to get their money in a click of a mouse and this will give them more motivation to market your products.

Payment Provider

This is a very important issue, and it may also affect your decision which affiliate program to choose. If you choose to manage your affiliate program through known networks such as Clickbank for example, your affiliates will feel more confidant they will get their payment on time rather than if you choose to pay them on your own. This factor is even more crucial if you are only starting out and you haven’t still built your reputation.

Choosing Your Affiliate Program Service

The first step to having an affiliate program for your membership site is deciding on the right affiliate program for your needs.

There are endless possibilities out there and it can be quite confusing to choose between all of the options, so first thing to help you decide which affiliate program to choose is to divide them to 3 main types of products:

  1. Affiliate networks
  2. 3rd party affiliate services
  3. In-house affiliate programs

Affiliate Networks

An affiliate network is a marketplace where multiple merchants promote their affiliate programs and  and the network manages your affiliates for you, for example: Clickbank, Jvzoo.


Giving the affiliates a sense of certainty – Since all commissions are managed through a large network with a policy and a good reputation behind it, affiliates know they will get paid. Also, if your affiliates need support regarding the affiliate program, they will probably have an affiliate manager or a support team to turn to.

No need to deal with payments – You won’t need to take care of the payments every month, it will be done for you. Also, if you want to offer a money back guarantee, you won’t need to start calculating the amount of final commissions.

Detailed reports – Networks usually have more detailed reports your affiliates can use to track their links.

Easier for affiliates to operate – Affiliates are already familiar with the network’s’ systems and they don’t need to learn how to operate your in-house system.


Strict rules – You must comply with the company’s rules and requirements.

No automatic approval – The products are not automatically approved and can even be rejected by the third-party for different reasons. Also the approval process takes several days and can delay your launch date.

More expensive – Some networks take a percentage of your commissions to themselves.

3rd Party Affiliate Services

Most 3rd party services also serve as a payment gateway and give you an All in One solution. In these kind of services you usually need to pay a monthly subscription (InfusionSoft, 1ShoppingCart).


  • Good reputation – It depends on the 3rd party service you choose, but services such as InfusionSoft and 1ShoppingCart are very popular among large websites and membership sites, so it will create a good impression. In addition, since these services cost not so little money per month, it will create an assumption that if you can afford it, your membership site is successful.


  • Price – Usually monthly payments, so if you are not going to take advantage of other options these services provide, it might be quite expensive. It all depends, of course, on how successful your membership site is or going to be according to your plans.

In-house Affiliate Programs

In-house affiliate programs don’t run through an affiliate network but they are self-hosted (Affiliate Royal, IDevAffiliate).

In self-hosted solutions you usually only need to make a one-time payment in order to get the software and that’s it.

Most 3rd party services also serve as a payment gateway and give you an All in One solution. In these kind of services you usually need to pay a monthly subscription, while as in self-hosted solutions you only need to make a one-time payment in order to get the software and that’s it.


You set your own rules – You don’t need to follow any network’s strict rules, and this is a big advantage. There can be countless reasons why a certain network won’t approve your product, for example: your product is priced too high in their opinion, violation of trademark, do not accept products in a certain category etc.

More personal – Enables you to establish a relationship with your affiliates. You have access to all their details and you can contact them more easily. Not all networks give you an option to contact your affiliates or give you any details about them.


Dealing with payments – When you manage your affiliate program you need to invest time in transferring the money to your affiliates on your own.

Less attractive to affiliates – One of the big downsides of this type of an affiliate program is the lack of certainty for affiliates they will get paid on time or even get paid at all, so they might prefer registering through an affiliate network with good reputation and secure their payments.

Popular Affiliate Networks

We have collected the main important details about the most common affiliate program networks that integrate with Wishlist Member – Clickbank and JVZoo.



Clickbank is one of the most reliable affiliate networks who has a good reputation in paying on time. Clickbank is so popular among affiliates so you can even get some to promote your products without recruiting any of them.


There is and account activation fee: the first vendor account costs $49.99 and from the second account you pay only $29.95. To make sure you pay only $29.95 you need to notify Clickbank when you send the product for approval.

Additional Fees

7.5% plus $1

Number of products

You need to open a new account for every product, since you can enter only one URL as your pitch page (usually
your sales letter, where you add your buying links) and in that same account you can create several items, for
example: if you want to sell several packages and price them differently.

Approval Time

Since Clickbank has a marketplace for all the products, all of them must be approved. It takes 3-5 business days
if you comply with all the requirements, but if you need to make some adjustments it can even take longer.

Vendors and Affiliates Features

Ability to add tracking id to track sales, do upsells, second tire affiliate commissions and recurring billings.


Clickbank’s reports are quite limited: you can see how many hops, order form impressions and sales each of your
affiliates made.

Contacting Your Affiliates

In order to be able to get in touch with your affiliates you need to register them to your affiliate program
through your site and that way to get them inside your mailing list. The communication channels are quite limited when using CB.

Downsides for Choosing CB

The main downside of working with CB is that they have very strict rules: New vendors’ accounts usually get a limit of $100, meaning they cannot price their products higher. Negotiation may help you get a $200 limit, but getting a higher limit is much more difficult, and may even require you to give sales and refund evaluations, which can be a problem if your product is new and you haven’t sold it anywhere else before.

Another downside is that when a customer asks for a refund, CB processes the refund automatically, without allowing the vendor to contact the customer first and try to work things out.

In Conclusion

If you are only making your first steps in creating products, Clickbank can be the solution you are looking for, since it is very reliable and almost every affiliate knows this network. However, if you have big plans for your company and you also want affiliates to have an important role in your earnings, it is best to invest in an affiliate network who allows you to develop personal relationships with your affiliates and who has a lot more options to extend your business.

Go to Clickbank website




Jvzoo is another marketplace for selling digital products, however, it is much more advanced and it have a lot more possibilities than Clickbank.


The account setup is free of charge.

Additional Fees

5% of each transaction.

Number of Products

No limit to the number of products you can sell through a single account.

Vendors and Affiliates Features

Ability to track links, build a partner program for super affiliates, add one-time-offer for up-sells, have a “Dime sale” and increase your sales every number of sales that you choose which is a great way to create urgency, add contests and even  create a sales page right inside Jvzoo’s and host it there.


You can get statistics about the number of clicks, EPC’s, sales, percentages.

Contacting Your Affiliates

Can be integrated with autoresponders so you can contact your affiliates, you can through contests and add promotion tools. Also, Jvzoo has an ad manager plugin for WordPress your affiliates can add to their blog to show ads of the products in the footer, above and below posts, in the sidebar etc.

Downsides for Choosing Jvzoo

In order for Jvzoo to be able to handle refunds and include all parties involved in the payment chain, it must be granted access to both vendors and affiliates PayPal accounts. This can be somewhat discouraging for affiliates and can cause some of them not to register to your affiliate program. You can read more about it inside Jvzoo’s knowledgebase center

Also, if a customer opens a dispute for a refund directly through PayPal, you need to contact Jvzoo to make sure the refund will pass through them, so the money that was paid to all the sides involved and got paid (Jvzoo, vendor and affiliate) will be refunded properly.

Jvzoo vs. Clickbank

Jvzoo is a huge competitor of CB. It also has a marketplace and an affiliate management platform, but it also has a lot more options.

All commissions are paid directly through PayPal once a sale has been made and affiliates get paid immediately instead of waiting for the paycheck from Clickbank.

You as a merchant can create your sales pages and host them inside Jvzoo very easily so even if you don’t have a website you can still sell products.

You can set your product’s prices to be raise after every number of sales.

You can only contact Jvzoo by opening a support ticket or by mail. There is no options to contact them by phone (unlike with Clickbank), and for a seller who runs a business and needs to relay on his affiliate network to give the best support for him and for his affiliates is a must.

Integration with Wishlist Member

Though Wishlist Member themselves doesn’t have an option to integrate with Jvzoo, you can find information on how to do so inside Jvzoo knowledgeable:

In Conclusion

If you are looking for a reliable affiliate network with many options to promote your products, Jvzoo is much more advanced network and it can help you generate a lot more money.

Go to Jvzoo website

Popular 3rd Party Affiliate Services

The most common 3rd parties affiliate programs services are 1ShoppingCart and InfusionSoft. Both of them integrate with Wishlist Member plugin easily.



1ShoppingCart is a complete solution for managing shopping carts, email auto-responders, list management and affiliate management. 1ShoppingCart’s affiliate management is very powerful and includes many advanced features.


Based on a monthly recurring payment. There are 3 packages, however, only two of them include the affiliate program: $99/ $249 per month.

Additional Fees

1% transaction fee for the Premium package/ 0.75% transaction fee for the Ultimate package

Number of websites

Supports multiple websites

Approval Time

There is no approval time since 1ShoppingCart doesn’t have a marketplace. All you need to do is set up your
affiliate program and that’s it.

Vendors and Affiliates Features

Ability to create single/ two-tired commissions, recurring commissions, customize commission rates for every affiliate, custom destination URL for every affiliate, give credits for offline sales.


1ShoppingCart has very detailed and customizable reports. The affiliate management can calculate commissions by
product, affiliates, sales, clicks or leads.

Contacting Your Affiliates

You can add your affiliates to your autoresponder automatically and contact them with tips, promotions,
competitions etc. and strengthen your relationship with them.

Downsides of Choosing 1ShoppingCart

1SC offers a complete solution for bushiness, so it really depends on how you see your business evolves and what are your current needs, since you will need to pay a monthly fee which can be quite high, again, depending on the type of business you plan on building.

In conclusion

1ShoppingCart’s affiliate management is quite flexible and has many options at a fair monthly price. If you are planning on investing in your affiliates, 1ShoppingCart is a good solution for you. You can manage your affiliates easily, give them promotional tools and contact them through the autoresponder integration module.

Go to 1ShoppingCart website




InfusionSoft integrates CRM (customer relationship management), e-commerce platform and email marketing.


There are 4 packages, but the relevant ones that include the affiliate management system are the Deluxe E-Commerce
for $299/ month and the Complete package for $379/ month.

Additional Fees

No additional fees.

Number of Products

No products limit

Approval Time

No approval time

Vendors and Affiliates Features

ability to create two-tier links, add tracking links, create one-click upsells.


InfusionSoft automatically calculates the commission payouts and the amount of money you need to transfer to your
affiliates. You can also track the number of leads to your site.

Contacting Your Affiliates

You can upload your affiliates’ marketing materials to their affiliate’s area: banners, emails, ads and more
promotional materials.

Both 1ShoppingCart and InfusionSoft offer very useful services and they are both All-in-One eCommerce platforms. However, it may take time to understand their platforms.

Downsides of Choosing InfusionSoft

Although InfusionSoft is a complete solution that covers many marketing aspects for businesses, their prices are quite expensive. Also, since it has many options, the learning curve can take some time.

In Conclusion

1ShoppingCart offers more convenient prices than InfusionSoft does. If you are looking for a complete solution for your business, both of them can be an option for you, according to the features you need and the budget you have.

InfusionSoft demo

Popular In-house Affiliate Programs

There are two main affiliate softwares that integrate with Wishlist Member: Affiliate Royale and IDev.

Affiliate Royale


Affiliate Royale is a self-hosted affiliate management plugin you can install inside your WordPress site to manage
your affiliate program. It also integrates with Wishlist Member so it’s a great solution for membership sites’


One-time payment – $85 for the Merchant Package and $165 for the Developer Package, plus, you don’t need to pay
any transaction or affiliate payment fees.

Number of Websites

Merchant edition – one site only

Developer edition – unlimited sites

Shopping Cart Integration

Affiliate Royale integrates with the most common shopping carts such as PayPal,, Cart66 etc.


Affiliate Royale’s reports are easy to understand and include the number of clicks (+unique clicks), number of
transactions, corrections and the total amount. You can also track your affiliates performance and top referrers.

Contacting Your Affiliates

Since all affiliates need to register to the affiliate program through your site, you can build a mailing list
with all your affiliates and send them useful tips, tutorials, special promotions, contests etc.

Also, Affiliate Royale allows you to upload banners other promotions your affiliates will be able to use. The
software is very user-friendly and it’s very easy to upload your promotion materials in a matter of minutes.

Go to Affiliate Royale website  



IDevAffiliate is the only in-house software that Wishlist Member supports. Wishlist as an extension you can install on your membership site to integrate IDevAffiliate with Wishlist. You can download the extension in this link (you need to log-in to your Wishlist account).


There are 3 packages: Standard – $99.99, Gold – $199.99, Platinum – $299.99

Additional Fees

No recurring fees

Number of Websites

The software can be installed in multiple domains

Shopping Cart Integration

IDevAffiliate integrates with PayPal as well as with different third parties shopping carts.

Vendors and Affiliates Features

Ability add a tracking to the links so your affiliates know where their sales are coming from.


You can see how many referrals, sales and commissions each affiliate made and you can also see the amount of
unpaid commissions and have an options to send them a payment. You can also see your sales history arranged by

Contacting Your Affiliates

IDevAffiliate has an easy to manage interface where you can add banners and links for your affiliates to use.
Your Affiliates Statistic Reports

Your affiliates will be able to access their personal control panel and view several statistic information about
their performance:

Number of visitors referred, the number of sales generated, the total amount of sales so far, the total amount of
commissions so far and the unpaid commissions.

Downsides of Choosing IDevAffiliate

IDevaffiliate has a very un-friendly user interface and the software is very difficult to use, which makes working with it very complicated.

Go to IDevAffiliate website

Tactics to Making Affiliates Promote Your Products

If you want to get your affiliates to promote your products and increase your revenues tremendously you need to make sure to check the below factors:

1. Having a user-friendly affiliate account

If you are using a big network such as Clickbank, it is more likely your affiliates already know how to manage their affiliate links, add tracking id’s etc. but if you are using other 3rd parties or softwares, make sure it will be easy for them to enter their account and get the links.

2. Giving as many marketing tools as possible

Prepare marketing materials for your affiliates to encourage them to promote your products: banner ads, prepared emails scripts, ,marketing tips, videos and tutorials. By doing so you will not only help them get more sales, but you also make them trust you and want to promote other products you have in the future.

3. Do contests 

Nothing like a healthy contest to spice things up and make your affiliates recruit their best efforts. To make things even more fun you can give some cool gifts so in the next contests more affiliates would want to participate.

4. Let your affiliates recruit new affiliates

Nothing like a good recommendation from an existing satisfied affiliate to boost new affiliates registrations. Reward your affiliates for every new affiliate they recruit.

5. Pay good affiliate commission

In the end of the day we are all here to make money… Give your affiliates good affiliate commissions rates, find out how much other merchants are giving to their affiliates and give your more, include up-sells in your programs so your affiliates and also you could benefit extra commissions.

Now that you have all the necessary information on the available affiliate programs you need to make the best decision for you, and the best decision for you doesn’t necessarily mean purchasing the service that offers all the possible features.

One Last Important Note

Some of our links are affiliate links that grant us a certain commission when referring a new customer. This commission doesn’t increase your payment to the affiliate program you choose in any way. If you choose to purchase through one of our affiliate links we just want to say thank you!

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