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Choosing the Best Shopping Cart for Your Wishlist Member Membership Site



Thank you for purchasing our guide “Choosing the Best Shopping Cart for Your Wishlist Member Membership Site”.

In this guide you will get all the important details you need to help you come to a solid decision which shopping cart to use in your membership site.

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The 5 Most Popular Shopping Carts for Wishlist Member



  • Easy to setup and manage
  • Refunds are managed through Clickbank
  • Good reputation in taking care of customers and affiliates


  • Setup fee $50 for the first account, $30 from the second account
  • Each account supports only one product
  • High fees
  • Payments are sent after a waiting time for possible refunds
  • Not so glamorous because they sell many hype products
  • Approves refunds automatically without giving the vendor an option to try and solve the problem with the client first
  • No coupon feature to grant discounts and create promo codes



  • No setup or monthly fees
  • Easy to setup and manage
  • Widely accepted around the world (in almost every country)
  • Low transaction fees for every sale 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction
  • Reasonable transaction fees to bank account/ credit card More information here
  • Customers can pay using their PayPal account so their CC details are confidential
  • Quick checkout process (for customers with PayPal account)
  • Can withdrew money anytime you want


  • Wishlist doesn’t integrate with both PayPal Pro and PayPal Express
  • Less glamorous – when using a free shopping cart it can indicate that the site is maybe not generating enough money to use paid and even expensive services such as InfusionSoft
  • In some cases you need to keep a “reserve money” inside your PayPal account
  • Also, if there are too many refunds, it may increase the chances of having to leave some reserve money
  • You need to manage your refunds on your own
  • No coupon feature to grant discounts and create promo codes



  • It seems more prestige than free services like Clickbank or PayPal
  • Ability to add PayPal integration inside the checkout form (PayPal are not supported as subscriptions)
  • Ability to customize the checkout form
  • Many features regarding tracking and sales information in one place
  • Comprehensive video tutorials for beginners and support forum
  • Coupon feature for promo codes creation


  • Long checkout form with many details to fill in
  • The interface is more complicated to use and requires long learning curve
  • Expensive- starts from $199 per month
  • Since InfusionSoft is a CRM system, if you are not using other features, it is less cost-effective
  • No free trial account



  • No setup fees
  • Supports 500 to unlimited products (depending on the package you choose)
  • Comprehensive video tutorials for beginners
  • Reasonable transaction fees – 0.75-1.25%
  • Offers 30 days trial period
  • Allows recurring billings
  • Coupon feature for promo codes creation


  • High monthly fees – $34/ $99/ $249 per month
  • Can be intimidating since it is a very complex system
  • Slow learning curve (though they offer video tutorials)



  • Internal checkout form that can be implemented inside your membership site without leaving for external checkout
  • One of the most popular payment gateways among sites owners
  • Reasonable prices – no monthly fees, only 2.9% + 30 cents per charge
  • Coupon feature for promo codes creation but only for recurring subscriptions and invoice items (see here)


  • The integration with Wishlist is slightly more complicated and requires setting up a cron job command through the hosting service provider
  • The service doesn’t support all countries

Choosing the Right Shopping Cart for You

1. What is your current budget for the membership site?

Many shopping carts have a monthly payment that needs to be paid no matter how many sales your membership site will generate in one month.

For small budget and if you are only in the beginning, choose one of the shopping carts that have no monthly fees, for example: Clickbank, PayPal, Stripe.

2. What country is your business located?

Some shopping carts may require that your business will be located in specific countries, for example: Stripe.

3. How do you prefer to get paid: PayPal, Check, wire transfer etc?

Depending on the country your business is located in, different payment gateways offer different payment options (this is the payment method you are going to be paid).

You should check the payment fees each service charges according to your business location to be able to come to the right decision.

4. Do you need an affiliate program?

If you also need an affiliate program, check the payment gateway for this option. In many cases, if you are just starting with you membership site, you should consider managing your affiliate program through your payment gateway.

Possible shopping carts: Clickbank, InfusionSoft, 1ShoppingCart.

In Conclusion

There is no such thing as “the best” shopping cart, only the best one for you.

We recommend focusing only on the most critical aspects for you and make a decision.

In any case, you can always add another shopping cart and change things as you go.

Using Multiple Shopping Carts

Wishlist Member allows you to use multiple shopping carts in your membership site.

If you are considering using more than one shopping cart but not sure, we have gathered some pros and cons to help you make a better decision.

Pros and Cons


  • Trust – Using more than one shopping cart increases your credibility in your customers’ eyes. Many like to use PayPal since it is very secured.
  • Convenience – Let your customers decide how they are comfortable paying.
  • More conversions – Giving more payment options can increase your conversions, since not all shopping carts are acceptable in all countries, for example: PayPal.
  • Use Clickbank affiliate program for affiliates + another shopping cart for non-affiliated links (can be done using our plugin Clickbank Redirection).


  • Confusing – Using too many options can cause overwhelm. We don’t recommend using more than two shopping carts.
  • More completed to manage – It is more difficult to manage several shopping carts as a merchant.
  • Depending on the shopping carts you choose, it can cost you a decent amount of money.

Multiple Shopping Carts Setup

These are the steps to integrating several shopping carts with Wishlist Member plugin:

1. Go to Wishlist Member >> Integration in the WordPress menu

2. Select your first shopping cart

3. Follow the integration instructions provided by Wishlist

4. Click on the Save Settings button

5. Select your second shopping cart and repeat the process

10 Tactics to Increasing Your Checkout Form’s Conversion Rates

  1. Add your logo
  2. Add a description
  3. If possible, add a link to the support from the payment form
  4. For external shopping cart – try to customize the look and feel of the form to look like your membership site so it won’t damage your users’ experience and conversions.
  5. Create a pre-shopping cart form that will collect your customers’ emails and only than redirect them to the shopping cart – to make them feel more committed  to the process
  6. Add a clear call to action inside your buttons and as a link below the buttons
  7. Offer several options or packages (no more than 3 options and sub-options)
    For example: Packages: Basic/ Pro/ Premium and 1/3/10 licenses
  8. Read and follow new psychology and marketing tactics and adapt your checkout flow and form accordingly
  9. Split test your checkout flow and structure constantly and analyse in what stage of the process visitors are dropping from
  10. Add trust logos to increase credability

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