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Choosing The Best Support Help Desk for Your Membership Site


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7 Reasons Why An Excellent Support Helpdesk is Crucial

1. Keep better track on the support tickets that are opened (instead of managing everything through emails)
2. Make the support accessible so people would want to turn to it instead of complaining about the service with no
good reason
3. More support tickets leads to more improvements of your services – feedbacks from clients
4. Create loyalty and trust which leads to customers wanting to purchase other products and services of yours
5. Create joint venture opportunities
6. Good impression of a real solid company
7. Looks professional

2 Main Types of Support Help Desks

There are two main types of support help desks:

  1. Self hosted help desks
  2. Hosted services

Self Hosted Help Desks

The most common self hosted support help desks are: Kayako and Trellis (Kayako has both self hosted and hosted service options).

Below you will find the pros and cons of choosing a self hosted support help desk:


  • Full control over your help desk system and you are only limited by the software that you are using
  • No monthly payments


  • You need to manage your help desk software by yourself or hire someone to do it for you
  • You have to keep current and updated backups for all the information
  • Initial price maybe higher than your first budget

Hosted Services

The most common hosted support help desk services are: Kayako, Zendesk, Rhino Support and Fresh Desk.

Below you will find the pros and cons of choosing a hosted support help desk:


  • Full support for your help desk service
  • Initial price, in most cases, is cheaper
  •  Updates and new features are added constantly
  • Mobile app for some of the services


  •  Even though you don’t have a contract, you can’t change support help desk easily since all the information is stored in the help desk company
  • Monthly fees regardless of how much you earn from your product
  • You don’t have full control over your help desk software
  • In most cases, extra agents will cost you extra monthly payments

5 Most Support Help Desks Comparison

The below support help desks are the most common ones online today.

You will find the pros and cons of using each hosted help desk to help you make a better decision which one is the most suitable for your membership site.


Kayako is one of the most reliable and strong services in the market, and it has both hosted and self-hosted options.


  • Ability to create a knowledge-base – Great for allowing your customers find answers to their questions fast and without open a ticket.
  • Search -as-you-type answers – This is a great feature that gives knowledge-base suggestions as customers type in their ticket.
  • Ability for customers to contribute content – Customers can add articles into the knowledge-base themselves and save you tickets.
  • Detailed statistic information and reports – Ability to generate reports, ask your customers for feedbacks about the support they got and more.
  • Free trial – Exists
  • Live chat – Exists
  • API support
  • Support for external applications


  • Interface maybe a bit overwhelming in the beginning
  • No phone support


Trellis is a free self-hosted software.


  • One of the famous free self-hosted that has big community support
  • It has many features that will cover anything you need from a help desk
  • Email piping (customer can reply to tickets via email)
  • Unlimited agents
  • Low server requirements


  • Updates are not released frequently
  • Old interface design
  • No built-in support for themes
  • Need some server knowledge to install properly
  • No mobile app
  • No API supported


Zendesk is one of the most popular support help desks online today and it has many features and possibilities.


  • Has IPhone and Android applications – This is very useful for keeping track over your support tickets even if you are not at the office.
  • Accessible through mobile – Your customers will be able to contact the support team through their mobile, including: IPhone, Android, IPad, Blackberry etc.
  • Ability to create a help center – Creating a help center with frequently asked questions for your members is highly important for both you and your customers. You will get less support tickets and your customers will be able to get their questions answered fast.
  • Ability to keep track of tickets – You can leave tickets open for better tracking
  • Very detailed analytics data – Detailed statistics about your support team’s performance, customers satisfaction and more.
  • Live chat included – ability to conduct live chats with your clients.
  • Multi-channel support – Email, web, phone and social media
  • API support
  • Built-in integration with other services


  • The user interface is slightly complicated – The interface includes many options and you might have a learning curve till you get used to it.
  • Payment per agent – If you need more than one agent, you need to pay for each agent a monthly payment (or yearly with a discount).

Rhino Support

Rhino Support is a quite new in the market and it belongs to the Wishlist Member Co founder – Stu McLaren


  •  Quick guiding tour – That helps you learn about the software quickly and guides you through.
  • Setup a knowledge base – Where customers can find answers to questions by themselves.
  • Live chat – ability to conduct live chats with your clients.
  • Save structured answers to common questions for future use – This is a great feature that allows you to save a response template and even add it to the knowledge-base very easily.
  • Ability to have multiple companies in one account – in the platinum plan (up to 5 companies).
  • Free trial option
  • No agents limitation – this is a very important feature (in the pro and platinum plans)
  • API support


  •  No mobile app – We received an answer from the support team that they are working on a mobile app
  • The new guy in the industry – but they have a strong reliable company behind them (Wishlist Products)
  • No phone support

Fresh Desk


  • Offer free plan – basic plan
  • Self hosted knowledge-base – For customers to find answers before submitting a ticket
  • Time tracking – Allows you to track the time spent on each ticket and customer
  • Low price per agent – One of the lowest in the industry
  • One of the more known help desks
  • Multiple products support – Paid plans support multiple products/ companies
  • API support
  • Phone support
  • Built-in integration with other services


  •  Free plan is limited – In most cases you will need to upgrade to a paid plan
  • No mobile app

Choosing the Best Support Help Desk for You

There is not one help desk service that is the best for everyone.

Different businesses has different needs, so the best way to really come to the conclusion which help desk to choose, is by asking yourself theses questions:

1. Do I want self hosted or hosted service?

2. How many customers am I going to have (even a rough estimation)

3. How many agents do I need?

4. What is my business’ growth potential?

5. What is my budget?

After answering these questions, read the pros and cons of each service again and you will have a better understanding of which service to choose.

10 Tactics to Providing Better Customer Support

1. Hire special agents to answer support tickets
2. Specify customer support opening hours
3. Provide detailed knowledge-base
4. Closed community forum (for customers to support each other)
5. Reply to tickets with detailed informative answers to prevent ping pong emails
6. Ask for customer feedbacks about the support they got
7. even if you don’t have an immediate answer for your client’s ticket, let them know that the subject is being
taking care of and is not forgoten

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