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Simple Press and Wishlist Member Plugin Integration Step by Step Guide


We want to thank you for choosing to purchase our complete guide to integrating Simple Press with Wishlist Member plugin.

In this guide you will find all the information you need to know to set up your Simple Press forum inside your membership sites quickly and easily.

You can use the quick navigation below to get to the content you need quickly and easily.

The Benefits of Adding a Forum

  • Upgrade your members experience in several levels
  • Establish connections between your members
  • Increase interaction within your membership site
  • Get new content ideas and new products’ ideas

Simple Press Plugin Download

Simple Press is a forum plugin for WordPress websites.

The plugin cannot be found in WordPress Repository so you can download it here (It’s free).

In order for the plugin to work, you need to install it manually and not through WordPress’s automatic upload.

You can do it from the FTP or from the File Manager inside your control panel.

Integrating Wishlist Member with Simple Press

There are 3 main steps to integrating Wishlist Member and Simple Press together:

  • Step 1 – Install “Role Manager” Plugin
  • Step 2 – Determine Wishlist Member Plugin Settings
  • Step 3 – Determine Simple Press Settings

Install “Role Manager” Plugin

“Role Manager” plugin allows you to create new roles for each of your membership levels.

You can download the plugin in this link (free plugin).

After you install and activate the plugin go to Users > Roles > Copy Subscriber role > rename the new role and click Copy where the “Subscriber” settings are to create your new roles.

Create as many roles as you need according to the number of membership levels you have as seen in the screenshots below:

Copy Subscriber's Settings

Add New Role

Determine Wishlist Member Settings

The next step is to connect each role to the right membership level inside Wishlist Member settings.

Go to Wishlist Member > Membership Levels > Set the roles as seen in the screenshot below:

Membership Levels

Determine Simple Press Settings

Install and activate Simple Press plugin. You can download the plugin here.

Go to “Forum Option” in the plugin’s menu and follow this process:

1. Go to User Groups > Map Users to User Groups

Map each of the users you created and also the default users to the suitable user group:

Map Users

2. Go to User Groups > Manage Users Groups

Set up a unique user group for each level. This will let you set unique permissions for each membership level.

You can create new user groups by clicking on the “Create  New User Group” on the plugin’s menu to your left.


3. Go to Permissions > Manage Permissions Sets

set up a unique permission set with the desired permissions for each level.

Manage Permissions Sets

4. Go to Forums > Create New Groups

Open the number of groups according to your needs.

For example: If you want some of the forums to be open also to visitors, you can create two groups – one group with permission access to members and non-members and one group with permission access only to members.

New Group

5. Go to Forums > Create New Forums

Create your desired forums in each group according to the screenshot below:

New Forum

After you select your desired forum group you will be able to create the forum and determine its permissions as seen in the screenshot below:

New Forum Settings

6. Go to Forums > Manage Groups and Forums

Here you can see all your groups and forums, edit their settings and permissions as seen in the screenshot below:

Manage Groups and Forums

Important Notes

Only members who registered to your membership will automatically get permission to the relevant forums according to their level (as you can see in yellow mark in the screenshot below).

All members who joined your membership before you added the forum plugin will not be added automatically (as you can see in the red mark in the screenshot below).

Users Information

You will need to add these members manually by going to the User Groups menu > Manage User Groups > choose the membership level and click on the Add Members button. See screenshot below:

No Membership

3 Common Problems with Simple Press

1. Sidebar Appears on the Side

Not all themes work well with Simple Press and you need to make sure your theme has a Full Width option so the sidebar won’t appear when entering the forum and make it very narrow.

2. Forum Appears Multiple Times

Another popular problem with the plugin is that it may appear multiple times on the screen. You may notice the forum is seen in the upper part of the screen and then when scrolling down the forum appears again.

This is usually caused by one of the plugins installed on your site that is not working well with Simple Press. If that is not the case, the Simple Press team suggest to fix it by going to the Integration menu > Page and Permalink > Theme Display Option and activate the two options together and separately (as seen in the screenshot below) to see which of them solves the problem.

Theme Display Options

3. No Valid Header Error

If you encountered the error message “The plugin does not have a valid header” after uploading the plugin and activating it, this means that you uploaded it from WordPress automatic upload and not manually through the FTP or File Manager. Just delete the plugin and upload it manually and the problem will be fixed.

7 Tactics to Building a Successful Forum

1. Forum Spot-light

Directing a spot-light at the most successful and interesting  forum threads and share them inside your membership site or sending a link to these specific threads by mail to encourage your members to enter the forum and let them know some good informtaion can be found there.

2. Get a Forum Manager

Managing a forum and making it successful is not simple and usually requires a lot of work and effort. Don’t do everything yourself, instead, you can get some of your best members, those who are most active, and ask them to manage the forum and make sure it stays active. That way, your members will also get more exposure and be seen more as authorities among other members.

3. Show Your Presence

As the membership site’s owner make sure your presence will be felt in the forum. The more your members will see you as an authority in your niche, they more they would want to get your advises, so show your members you are involved in the forum and members will be more active.

4. Write Forum Guidelines

Write clear guidelines for using the forum to prevent misunderstandings.

5. Run Contests between Members

An excellent way to encourage your members to be active in the forum is to run contests and giving your most active ones incentives for helping others and for keeping the forum alive. Your forum will almost instantly be filled with new content and more new members.

6. Add Content Before Launching the Forum

Nobody loves to see a “dead” forum. Think about it as entering an empty restaurant… Would you sit down and order or will you turn around and leave? If you want people to start being active, add some forum threads before you launch your forum and even ask some of your most loyal members to add some threads of their own.

7. Don’t Create too Many Discussions

Creating different discussions for your forum is important for your members to find what they need quickly, however, don’t add too many forums, since it will only make it much more difficult for your members to find the information quickly and easily. 5-7 forums is excellent, depending on your membership site’s niche.

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